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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Feeding My Soul

Everyone has different passions and talents. Well for me, the two don't necessarily go hand in hand, but as they say "practice makes perfect." Passion is such a strong word. For me, I am passionate about the things that feed my soul and making jewelry falls right into that category. I used to spend hours every night after work creating "art" out of a pile of beads and wire. I need to take a class because I know there are tricks of the trade that I would love to learn. Making jewelry allows me to express my creativity. It allows me to "zone" out and let the cares of the world fade away as I allow my mind to focus on the minute details of bending wire and stringing beads.
After Captain Rex was born (who is now 4 1/2), the beads went in a diaper box in the top of the closet, far away from the grasps of a baby who would have loved to eat the tiny little choking hazzards. Since then, the beads only come out to play at Christmas time when I attempt to create gifts for loved ones with my fading memory of how I created it in the past.
Today my beads and I got to play a little bit while Tinkerbell slept off the croup in her swing and the boys went out with Daddy to play. Ahhhh how I have missed my little beads. My little soul food. Here are a few of my creations...


I just read an article this week on a company called Bead For Life that helps Ugandan women sell beads they have handmade from recycled paper to help support their families. The beads are gorgeous!


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