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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Keeping Our Heads Above Water

My little Thomas will be 3 in a couple of months. This past year with him has tested every ounce of patience in my body. He goes from a loving little boy giving out kisses and cuddles non-stop to a sobbing, toy throwing and yelling little boy. Most days I feel like we are swimming in a sea of toddler emotions just trying to keep our heads above water.
His emotions are no different than mine. The difference is that he is still learning the art of controlling how he expresses his emotions. Heck, truth be told, at age 31, I am still learning the same art.
My goal is to not only help Joseph recognize the different emotions and feelings we have, but teach him the appropriate way to react to our emotions.
Here is an awesome Feelings Tot Pack I found at 1+1+1=1

I put a velcro square on each face so that Thomas can attach the correct expressive face for each emotion we talk about. (I bought a huge roll of Velcro in the sewing section of WalMart to cut into squares instead of wasting tons of money on a few little velcro dots)

Match the feelings game...

I also found this resource on ABC Jesus Loves Me. I still need to cut them out and glue them to popscicle sticks so that we can use them as props during story time to talk about each characters emotions...
ABC Jesus Loves Me Teaching Emotions

I found this book at the library book sale.
A feelings mini book out of our preschool workbook...

I would love to hear other ideas on how to teach emotions and feelings!

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  1. What a great approach to dealing with toddler emotions! I did some work as a behavior interventionist for preschoolers for a couple of years and used a lot of ideas like these. I found them very effective. The classrooms that used this proactive approach seemed to have the calmest classrooms. The kids seemed able to effectively express themselves by 4 years old, which made everyone a little happier! One component that seemed very effective was the use of a calm down area. I use this at home as well. When the kids become extremely upset, I take them to a neutral, familiar area and wait for them to calm down before we try to do much "talking about it." You could put some of these feelings signs there or maybe make a sign of how to calm down. We use these steps: 1. Put your hand on your tummy 2. Say calm down 3. Take a deep breath 4. Count out loud (as far as needed) We have a little song that walks them through the steps. Singing is a good way to get the body relaxed. Once calm, we may or may not talk about the incident. Mostly, I would just tell the kids to do something simple and if they did, I praised them and moved on. Sorry so long! I just really believe in this! Ha!


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