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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Letter Builders

I was first introduced to the idea of letter builders at captain Rex's parent night for the K4 class he attends for 3 hours each day. I loved the idea and thought it was an awesome way to reinforce the different lines and curves that make each letter. At his school they use a wooden set from Handwriting Without Tears which costs about $30 for the wooden pieces.
Handwriting Without Tears Set

Yep, this was not in my budget so I set out to figure out a way to make them myself. On one of my favorite blogs I came across a printable to make your own letter builders. Yay!
Magnetic Alphabet Builders

My first attempt at letter building was today. First I put out a small version of the uppercase F on the kid's table and asked Thomas (age 2 yrs 10 months) to "build" it with his green foam pieces. This was definitely above his skill level, but we figured it out together. (Since he is still under 3, I am introudcing concepts this year that I don't expect him to master year we will dive full force into our Raising Rock Stars Preschool.) Then I remembered that at captain Rex's school they used a mat for each letter with the outlines of where each line and curve should go to form the letter. So I used an orange marker (the color of the week) to trace the outlines of our foam pieces onto cardstock. This made it much easier for my little tot to understand!

I just found a blog that has letter builder templates you can print!!!
Tired, Need Sleep

Here are a couple of other neat resources for letter building...
Lakeshore has a cool set of letter builders


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