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Friday, December 3, 2010

Advent Day 3

Little Thomas started his day at Preschool Club at the school where Captain Rex attends K4 for 3 hours each day. He enjoyed storytime for The Gingerbread Man, followed by craft time and snack time which was of course gingerbread cookies. :)

We ate chocolate Christmas tree cakes after dinner.

Tinkerbell was jealous that she didn't get any cake so she decided to eat Mommy's sweater :)

I started getting ready for Shining Our Lights Preschool Letter E week!

Captain Rex helped me cut out paper peanuts for our Elephant counting activity for next week.

We ended the evening with the first fire of the season in our fireplace. We now understand why we keep finding wasps in the house...we left the flue open all summer. Oopsy. :)


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