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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Letter F

This week we are learning all about letter F!

We are using a combination of...

Raising Rock Stars Preschool

& Letter Of The Week
Our song this week is Jesus Loves Me
Our bible verse for the week is John 3:16

Little Thomas reviewing his vocabulary cards...

Our sight word this week is FOR. I made the flash card with cardstock and poster letters.

Fish lacing card

Wooden disc letter match

uppercase and lowercase letter sort

Fish patterns

foam letter builder (see my post on letter builders)

F poke page (we use a toothpick with the sharp end cut off one side and tape around it to make it easier to hold)

A few more activities we will be doing this week....

Fish cutting practice

Letter F lacing (I hand drew a letter F on cardstock and colored it orange for our color of the week. Then I laminated it and hole punched it. I use packing tape to laminate everything as I am waiting on Santa Claus to bring me a laminator :)

To be used with goldfish...

Fish pattern builder...

Our chicka chicka tree

We will read Chicka Chicka Boom Boom at the end of the week and then paste the letter F on the tree.
I didn't really accomplish anything in regards to our number of the week. Overall this has been a good week though! Next week we move on to letter E!


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