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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Rainy Day Christmas Fun & Crafts :)

 Play-doh Christmas Tree
I found this adorable idea on Counting Coconuts.
We kneaded in a TON of glitter and used beads for ornaments. For the star we used a yellow pom pom held in place with a toothpick. I used the lids to the playdoh container as display stands.

Cotton Ball Snowman
We used yarn for the scarf, beads for the buttons and mouth, google eyes, a black pom pom for the hat and a popscicle stick cut in half for the arms....oh and ALOT of glue LOL. :)

Nativity Cut And Paste

Ok so mommy cheated and cut it herself ;)

We used torn pieces of brown construction paper for the hay in the stable.

Rainy Day Picnic in the kitchen floor. And yes...I did regret the white comforter choice I made for a picnic blanket.

Nativity Scene Magnets
I found this printable nativity scene on Making Friends and hot glued magnets to the laminated characters. The stable pieces are from Confessions of a Homeschooler Nativity Cut-N-Paste. I think I originally found the link and ideas for this on Totally Tots and Mama Jenn.

The dishwasher sight word card came from 1+1+1=1.

Christmas Tambourines
We decorated heavyweight paper plates with foam Christmas stickers (from the Dollar Tree)...

add in a few hole punches and jingle bells tied on with string and you have homemade Christmas tambourines perfect for driving mommy crazy! ;) These are great props to add to song time and talking about praising baby Jesus with a joyful noise.

Home(making) School
I feel strongly about raising my kids to be homemakers...even my boys ;) If I don't teach them these skills, who will?

Here is little Thomas learning how to "mop"

Stories and Snacks with Santa
Captain Rex's K4 class and Little Thomas' preschool club met this week for cookies, milk, crafts, carols and storytime with Santa. It was a big hit with all 3 of my precious monkeys.

Even Tinkerbell got in on the cookie eating...although I broke it into such small pieces she still managed to eat over half a cookie!

Less than a week to go until Christmas! Hmmmm....I better stop blogging and start making more activites for my little monkeys!!!


  1. I should make some magnets like that for our kiddos. They would love them. :)

  2. I like the magnets too. Did you print them out or buy them like this?

  3. Love the nativity magnets and the tambo! So much fun!!

  4. Chrysti...
    I printed them off of the Making Freinds site and then laminated them and hot glued magents to the back. Cheap and easy to make! And we will have them for years to come :)

  5. I love that you do so many crafts with your kids. It's inspiring. Especially those tambourines! My son just loved playing with a tambourine at play group and he's been asking for it all week. Great idea to focus on making a joyful noise for the Lord.

  6. Awesome week! Love the snowman and the tambourines!

  7. what a great week! Some lovely crafts! Especially like the tamborines!

  8. OK! So we just made our very first homemade instrument after being inspired by your tambourines. When I saw yours I thought, we have paper plates; we have jingle bells and we have string! It was so easy too. I'll be putting a link on my blog posts on Tuesday to your site where I got the idea.

  9. Oh! I adore the tambourines! What a clever idea. Thanks for sharing it. Keep forgetting I want to do the Playdoh tree and cotton ball snowman. Maybe next year:-) Merry Christmas to you and yours. Kerri

  10. Fun ideas and some really cute projects!

  11. Love the manger and tambourine! What fun! Thanks so much for linking back to me, too. :)


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