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Monday, December 27, 2010

Santa Claus Knew We Wanted Preschool Toys!!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! Santa Claus made a mistake and left at least 4 houses worth of gifts in front of our fireplace. It will take days for me to figure out how to organize it all in our playroom!

And guess what? Santa Claus knew we wanted Preschool Toys & Games! Yay!!!

Art Supplies

Games & Puzzles

Mommy Tools :)

(I am sharing the Amazon link because it is super cheap today at $19.99. Normally this is around $35!)

I am sooooooo excited to start using this because I have been poor man laminating for the past 5 months! (In case you were wondering, poor man laminating is also known as packing tape :)

Laminating Pouches (I am sharing the Amazon link for the closest thing I could find...I think Santa got ours at Sam's Club ;)

I can't WAIT to start playing with all of our new preschool goodies!
But FIRST I have to organzie the toy room and Mommy's new work area where I can create all of our preschool resources.
Up next: Winter Learning Fun!

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  1. Yay!!! I was so excited about my preschool toys too. We have those match it sets and they are great!! I want the do a dot paint still. Great deal on the laminator, I paid $27 at Target.:-( U will love it. Have a happy new year.


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