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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

She Wrapped Him In Cloths...

Christmas Star Craft
I printed off a star shape from DLTK and had the boys color it yellow. Then I poured glue around the outline of the star and the boys used the gold glitter shaker over it. For the cross I poured glue in the shape of a cross and we poured sequins over it. I gently shook off the excess and layed it flat to dry overnight trimmed of the edges, punched a hole and used a yellow pipe cleaner to hang it on the top of the tree.

Baby Jesus in a Manger Craft

We glued cotton balls to printer paper and let it dry over night.

Coloring their mangers :)

I used a velcro square on baby Jesus' diaper and on the back of our "blanket" so that they could "wrap him in cloths." I also put a velcro square on the manger and on the back of baby Jesus so they could place "him in a manger."

Home(making) School

They helped Daddy make white chocolate chip cookies from scratch.

They turned out very yummy but lacked in the presentation department ;)

They helped Mommy make holiday treats

They loved getting to "hammer" the candy canes into tiny little pieces.

Spooning the peppermint onto our white chocolate bark

Little Thomas cleaning up the mess for me ;)

Christmas flowers from Daddy :)

She wrapped him cloths and placed him in a manger
~ Luke 2:7


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