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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Toddler Emotions...Take 2!

I received a comment on my last post on how we were trying to work through toddler emotions that gave me the idea for a calm down area. Here is what I came up with...

For now I am using a chair in the corner of the dining room, but I would love to get a beanbag or something more comfy to use. So for now we will just use a pillow or blanky to make it more cozy.

Captain Rex agreed to model for me (he is holding the happy face).

I made a library pocket to hold the "I feel" faces I printed from ABC Jesus Loves Me and attached them to popscicle sticks. We will use these as props to talk about how little Thomas is feeling and how he can best express those emotions.

Beside the props are the steps we will use to calm down:

1. Put your hand on your tummy.
2. Say "calm down."
3. Take a deep breath.
4. Count out loud...(for as long as it takes)

Amanda suggested using a song to help them remember the steps.
I would also like to add song sheets they can chose from and have them sing a song if they need extra time in the calm down area. 

I got to put this into use within seconds of putting it together. Little Thomas refused to participate in the calm down steps, but he watched me go through each step and he was actually calm himself by the end!

Thank you Amanda at Nothing 2 Prove! This is such a great idea!

I also found this cute Fishing For Feelings game at Little Page Turners that I want to make soon.

I would love to hear how other mommies are working through the roller coaster of toddler emotions! :)

Do you have a post on this? Please share!


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