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Monday, January 3, 2011

Cleaning Up The Lighthouse

Ok so the preschool stuff and Christmas toys were taking over the house!
We are taking a time out from preschool to get Mommy's ducks back in a row ;) I don't function well under chaos and it is time for everything to have a place again. Each new stage and age with my 3 precious monkeys calls for adaption, change and a bit of organizing.

I cringe to think of little lego pieces all over my house while my 10 month old learns to crawl and puts EVERYTHING in her mouth. Soooooo organization is a must. It is time to take back the house and declare a space...for everyone, Mommy & kiddos. After all, everybody's light is a little brighter when they have their own space to shine :)

Mommy's Island Retreat
For the last 5 years my bedroom has been dominated by bassinets, toys and endless amounts of laundry. I am taking it back for ME & For My Sweet Husband
so that we can have a sanctuary devoted to us.

 A place that reminds us of the relaxing beach days spent lying in a hammock somewhere with a good book.

A little bit of Bob Marley music & a good book or two ;)

Cabinet Restoration
We have beautiful wood cabinets in our kitchen that have taken quite a beaten from dogs (not ours, the previous owner) and from our 3 little monkeys. I am trying Olde English scratch repair stuff first. Nothing fancy but it is an easy place to start since I know absolutely zip about caring for wood.





Tile Restoration
I have like 0 desire to tear out old tile to replace it. So I have to figure out how to make ours pretty again. Tonights attempt was Oxiclean scrubbing because I didn't want to go the bleach route with the kiddos in the house.

Captain Rex asked if he could help too. I can only pray that he always want to help! Chores lose alot of appeal once kids get old enough to realize they aren't as cool as they look. ;)

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  1. We have the same colors in our comforter. Our room has sort of a beachy theme.


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