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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Fun With Ice

I saw this idea for frozen fun on Counting Coconuts recently and thought it would go perfectly with our Preschool Winter Unit.

I gave each of the boys a plastic cup and asked them to fill it with little plastic toys. Little Thomas chose toy dinasours and Captain Rex chose his toy men.

Captain Rex's toys had to be quickly "rescued" from the water and I was told these were his "best men" and he didn't want them to freeze ;)

We added in a few drops of food color and then in to the deep freezer it went for 24 hours.

I dumped the ice block onto a beach towel and gave the boys each a spoon to rescue the dinasours from the ice....

There was a small pocket of water in the middle where it hadn't frozen through completely which actually made the excavation a bit easier.

After about 15 minutes of little bits of ice flying at my face, we finally took the block to the bathroom sink and rescued the dinasours under warm running water.

The boys loved this activity and we will definitely do it again in the summer!

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  1. Very cute!! I think I will do that with my DD this week :)


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