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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Our Valentine's Day Sensory Bin

As I am totally over winter and it actually hit 60 here yesterday we decided to move on to Valentine's Day fun!
Frist up...putting away our Winter Sensory Bin and creating our
Valentine's Day Sensory Bin.

Inside we have...

Pink rice
colored with a few drops of red food coloring and a few drops of rubbing alcohol

We put it on paper towels to dry for a few hours

Pink Beads

Red Beads

Red Pom Poms

Glitter Hearts

Red Foil Shreds

Heart Shape Containers

Valentine's Theme Sight Words & Phrases

Little Thomas was ready to dive right in. Sensory Bins are one of his all time favortie activities and aside from cleaning up all of the rice, they are my favorite too :)

Counting Coconuts & No Time For Flashcards have cute Valentine's Sensory Tubs also. :)

Do you have a Valentine's Sensory Bin you want to share?
Post your link here...


  1. Great job! Love that you added the sight words and phrases! Kerri

  2. Love the sensory bin! I have been waiting for people to start posting ones for Valetine's Day. I made ours this week to. I added in a little mailbox and paper and valetine themed pencils and stickers so my older daughter 6years old) can practice her writing and give us notes during the month. I don't keep a blog, but if you would like a icture of the bin I would love to send one to you.

    Joy (Los Angeles, CA)

  3. I just put together mine too but won't post on it until Feb. I found some really cool things at the dollar spot at Target. I found the heart containers and plastic hearts too.

  4. Very cute. I have some of those things, so I might just have to put one together too!

  5. Great idea! I just tried making my first sensory winter bin a month or so ago but this gives me some great ideas. Does the rice stain hands at all?

  6. I'm sure your son enjoyed that! Feeling different textures is really stimulating to the mind for young children.

  7. How lovely! I was planning to have a Valentine's Day Sensory Bin for my son, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to. It's fun to live vicariously, though! :)

  8. Love the rice idea! Great bin.

  9. Loved the glitter hearts!!!! Really cute stuff and well put! thanks for sharing it
    valentine special

  10. I love sensory tubs! This is a great one for Valentine's Day. And I love the idea of adding the sight words. The red rice is awesome!

  11. Lovely tub, I especially like the sight words. :) Thanks for linking back to my blog, I appreciate it.



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