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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

$1 Kid's Travel Tray!

I have been trying to think of ways to make trips in the car more fun for the boys. I have been trying VERY HARD to be very frugal and resourceful lately so I looked around at what we already owned for ideas.
So here's my first idea for the car....using a $1 dishpan as a travel tray. It is the perfect size for a coloring book or toys and fits in their lap. The best part is that the toys don't roll away unlike some travel trays. What do you think? Neat huh?

Lizzie from Butterfly Kisses commented that she uses a metal baking pan as a travel tray so it can be used with magnets also. What an awesome idea!


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  1. I used something similar for our last long car trip over the holidays (9+ hours), except instead of a dishpan I used an old metal baking pan. It was small enough to fit in his lap and he could use magnets too (which he is absolutely in love with right now). Kept him entertained for the entire trip with the bag of things I brought for him to use in it. Love the idea of the dishpan too!


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