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Monday, February 21, 2011

Beach Sensory Tub & Ocean Sensory Bottle

Ok, so I will admit that this was thrown together last minute in an attempt to entertain two rowdy boys, but I think it turned out cute and they played with it for over an hour. And if you have small kiddos, then you know that it must be fun if it keeps their attention that long!

I was inspired by The Imagination Tree's post on Sand Play Dough. So I picked up a jar of sand at the Dollar Tree over the weekend. My husband and boys even made it to the beach over the weekend and I forgot to ask them to bring home sand!

If you have read my posts before on our Sensory Bins, then you know I love to put alot of thought into them and add sight words. Yep...that didn't happen here LOL. But I am saving the contents in a ziploc bag to be played with another day, so there might be some sight words added soon!

First the boys kneaded sand into their white playdoh.

I brought out our Ocean Sensory Bottle that we made recenlty by mixing water, blue food dye and vegetable oil in a water bottle. Just make sure you screw the lid on really tight if you make one yourself!
I think I might try to find some tiny toy fish to add to it!

I added in little toothpick umbrellas to stick in the "sand dunes" of sandy playdoh and
mini seashells to scoop out of the sand with plastic spoons and forks.
 I showed them how to make lines in the sand by lightly dragging their forks across it.

And you know the best part about this Beach Sensory Tub? Since they play without outside, I don't have to go through a panic attack when the contents find their way out of the tub!

Tinkerbell enjoyed the fresh air and sunshine while the boys played. I know she can't wait to be big enough to get out of the playpen and play outside! There are too many nails and rough spots on the deck for her to crawl around on though. But since she just started taking steps, it won't be long before she can run around the backyard like her big brothers!


  1. This turned out brilliantly! It looks like they had so much fun. I am very jealous of your sunshine!

  2. Envious of the sunshine as well. Love you sensory bin and Tinkerbell is too sweet in the last couple of photos! Kerri


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