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Friday, February 18, 2011

Healthy Bodies Preschool Unit

We took the week off from our letter of the week curriculum to focus on some fun mini-units I have been wanting to work on with the boys. First up was our Counting Coins Preschool Unit.

For the second half of the week we worked on our Healthy Bodies Preschool Unit.

I found this cute unit People Who Keep Us Healthy on 2 Teaching Mommies.
We didn't complete the whole unit as I am out of printer ink. :(

I couldn't resist laminating some bandaids for the games.
These are cheap character bandaids that don't stick for more than 30 seconds
so this was a great way to get actual use out of them!

Captain Rex playing Cover the Boo-Boo

Helping the nurse get to the patient pre-writing practice

Measure the Patient game

Practicing teeth brushing with a chalk mouth :)

This was from a couple of weeks ago at Little Thomas' preschool club,
 but it goes with the theme :)
They used glue mixed with glitter to "brush" on the teeth.

Here are some other cute preschool units I found that I want to try in the future...

Musings of Me ~ Dental Health Unit
First School ~ Health & Nurtriton Theme
Homeschool Creations/Preschool Corner ~ Doctor Preschool Pack

To go along with our theme we read these books...

Just Going to the Dentist (Little Critter) (Look-Look)

Your Body (Usborne Beginners, Level 2)

Tinkerbell took her first steps this week!
She has been cruising holding onto the furniture and her walkers,
but she has finally started taking steps without holding on!

I don't have any pictures of her walking yet, but here are
some of the other cute shots I got of her this week.

Reading with her big brother...

Riding on her horsey that she climbs onto and off on all by herself!

"Writing" on her doodlepro


  1. What a fabulous idea to use the toothbrush on the chalkboard! Kerri

  2. Thanks so much for the 2 Teaching Mommies shout out! I'm so glad you were able to have some fun with our printables.

  3. Love it!!! And great idea laminating the bandaids.

  4. We are doing a healthy bodies unit in a couple of weeks, thanks for the neat ideas!


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