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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Castle Cake, Princess Party, Sick Kiddos and No Sleep...zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

On Saturday we had Tinkerbell's 1st Birthday Party.

The theme of the party was a princess party with pink everywhere!
I LOVE making cakes and was determined to make her a castle cake.

My only problem...waiting until the night before the party to make it! I was up ALL night making this cake and only had 1.5 hours sleep before the party the next afternoon. Add to that the sleep I have lost with 2 sick kids in the house on Monday and Tuesday and I have only had like 8-9 hours of sleep since Friday night. Such is the life of a busy mom, right?
I am praying that rest will come soon and that God will use this time to renew my strength.
He has a way of making All Things New!

Making the Cake

I used a square glass dish to bake the bottom layer
and built the cake on a large cutting board covered in pink fabric.
The bottom layer was covered in green frosting and sprinkles to resemble grass and flowers.

The second and top layer were done with different sizes of round cake pans and were covered in pink frosing and pink glitter icing to resemble her castle.

I had a big picture of her cut out but it looked strange because part of her arm was missing in the picture so her head is what ended up on the cake. The Happy Birthday sign is actually a tiara from the Dollar Tree.

There is a Cinderella figurine on the "beach" (Dollar Tree) and drink umbrella held up by 2 stacked Starburst candies.

I made the beach sand with chocolate and vanilla frosting mixed together and then covered it with a mixture of brown and white sugar to resemble the sand. I used goldfish crakers to swim in the ocean which I made with vanilla frosting mixed with blue food color.

I attempted to make "waves" with white frosting. Not easy!
The "1" is drawn with the pink glitter frosting.

The towers were made with pink icecream cones topped with waffle cones and princess toothpicks (from a cupcake kit from Walmart). The cones are held together with a ring of frosting.

I finished it off with a couple of  lolipops, fruit flavored tootsie rolls and princess picks.

Party Food & Decorations
Of course there was plenty of candy...which Tinkerbell LOVED helping me get out :)

I covered the counter with pink paper and shiny fabric.
We also served chips and pink french onion dip and pretzels with pink white chocolate for dipping.

I didn't get many pictures of Tinkerbell dressed up. She cried for the first 10 mintues of the party because she was mad I put tights and a pink tutu on her! Heaven forbid, right?

Her pink carpet (aka mommy's pink yoga mat and her surfboard rug) for her walk/crawl to the party on :)

Princess Table & Tinkerbell's 1st year scrapbook poster.

I put out necklaces and sunglasses for the kids to put on and
mini heart jewelry boxes to practice opening and closing.

The flowers are from the centerpieces from my wedding :)

Let Them Eat Cake!

As I embark on this next stage in Tinkerbell's life ...
(you know the stage where they start exploring EVERYTHING around them and you are chasing them all day long LOL?)
...I am praising God for a healthy and happy first year of her life and I am praying that her life will be as full of joy as the joy she brngs to mine.

Happy 1st Birthday my sweet Caroline!

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  1. Happy Birthday Tinkerbell!

    You did a fantastic job on everything!

    The cake was cute too! Impressed!



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