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Monday, April 25, 2011

Tiny Tot School Easter Week

Tot School

Tinkerbell is 13.5 months old.

She is really into books and magazines right now.

And of course tearing them up is very entertaining to her :)

Busy Bees (A Sparkle Book) is one of her favorite books right now. She walks around making the "buzz buzz" sound while she is carrying it.

Tinkerbell felt leftout of the boys' preschool time so she decided she needed to learn to climb onto the dining room chairs and table. ;)

Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb is her other favorite book and we probably read it together 2 dozen times this week. I even found her sitting by herself "reading" it to herself while turning the pages and babbling away.
So cute!

The Easter bunny brought her some Crayola 3 Ct Washable Tadoodles Crayon Buddies so she can practice her art skills.

Crayola 3 Ct Washable Tadoodles Crayon Buddies

We watched Baby Signing Time Volume 1 DVD together. These videos are awesome!
Tinkerbell screams in frustration when she wants something so I am hoping that working on signing together will alleviate some of her frustration until her verbal skills catch up.

My niece Olivia has low functioning autism and distal arthrogryposis and she
 LOVES the Signing Time videos.


  1. Thanks for reminding me the tearing activity I have to do more of them with Lucia. We have all of the Signing time videos and love them. Lucia is almost 12 months and she can sing ove 25 sings and the videos are awesome. You are going to love them

  2. Nice blog!
    I did also teach signing to my daughter.


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