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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Tiny Tot School End of April

Tot School

Tinkerbell continues to refuse to be left out of preschool time.
She will yell as loud as she can until you give her a "school" activity to do while the boys are doing preschool.

I am having to get inventive because she is still so young!

Magnets and a cake pan

Putting pasta in a wipes container to work on those fine motor skills.
(while mommy watched her like a hawk to make sure she didn't eat it!)

She loved shaking it around once she got them all in!

Who can say no to this face?

sigh...notice how she acts like she had nothing to do with the magazine destruction???

Reading her book Are You My Mother? to go along with our Birds theme this week
(post to come soon on our Birds unit :)

never a dull moment with older brothers around!

look Mom! Not only do I climb on chairs and tables now but I am learning to surf!

Trying to climb on the table during preschool time

Playing kitchen with her brothers

Watching the royal wedding

Coloring time with her new Crayola Beginnings Crayon Buddies
\that the Easter bunny left for her.

she is finally getting some hair :)

baby on the move!

We continued to watch our Baby Signing Time DVD together.
So far she has only picked up the "more" sign. But she loves watching the babies!

Does anyone know of any good websites or ideas for activites for her age (14 months)?
I am running out of ideas!

 Carisa at 1+1+1=1 has her blog posts for Tot School sorted by age so
 I am going to go through those for some ideas :)


  1. Busy week for you guys!!!

    I like "Chasing Cheerios" blog for ideas since her younger child is just a bit older than my older child so it is good to look through the archives for ideas.

    I am doing tot school now too and my son is 16 months. He really enjoys putting things in and out (like your pasta idea)- this past week we did straws in a parmasen cheese container. Large plastic coins/poker chips into a container with a slit on top might be fun for her also.

    This last week I made a ramp out of cardboard and let my son run his cars down it- that was also a big hit. Maybe if you little girl is not into cars then balls might work?

  2. This is about the age I started with my now 2.5 year old. It does take some creativity to keep them occupied. Looks like you have some great ideas, hope you can find some more.

  3. Thanks for sharing and for stopping by my blog.
    You have great ideas. My son loves putting things into things; just like you did with the pasta and wipe container. Just switch up the container and what's going inside. That's our "go to" activity.


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