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Monday, June 27, 2011

4th of July Calendar Board & Fireworks Art

Carisa from 1+1+1=1 just created these July calendar numbers as well as connection cards for each day realated to the 4th of July theme. These have to be the coolest calendar numbers/cards I have ever seen! It is the perfect learning tool. I am not sure if my kiddos will grasp all of the connection cards yet, but it will be a great introduction to these concepts and we can reuse them in the years to come!

Carisa uses a pocket chart for their numbers, but since we don't own one of those yet I am using a cork board and push pins for our calendar. I made the July label with peel and stick crayola letters.

We will be using a USA flag key chain to mark what day it is. 

The boys made this fireworks art with glue and glitter after I found this adorable idea on


  1. The fireworks turned out so awesome! Thanks for trying out my craft and linking to me back to me!

    I really love the idea of the calendar on the coark board. We don't do a monthly calendar like this but I know my kids would love changing it out every month. I will definitely have to give that a try!

  2. I really like that your board has a different picture each day!


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