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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ocean & Beach Theme Reading and Vocabulary Unit- Getting Ready!

Our Preschool Plans for the summer are pretty laid back. We will still be working on ALOT, but in a different, more rleaxed way than we did during the past "school year."

First up in our summer plans is an Ocean & Beach Unit. Unlike a typical preschool pack during the school year, we will be taking a more hands on approach to the subject and mixing our "lessons" into our everyday summer activities.

I wanted to create an enviroment for them that is rich in print and vocabulary
I also want to use this time to explore Montessori methods of teaching.
My boys are wide open ALL DAY LONG and trying to get them to sit still while I "present" preschool packs just isn't working the way I had hoped. I was starting to feel like I was spending more time creating our materials than actually using them. We tried the workbox method and while we still use our own version of worboxes (post to come soon!) visual displays have been a huge hit with the boys and they are showing so much more interest in learning and asking questions now that we are using them more. It allows us to have more opportunities to talk about what we are learning when we can easily plop down in front of our display and work on it together as the day allows. Even if that means them sitting in the hall working while I fold laundry! 

I have been squeezing in every spare minute I can to organize our new classroom/bonus room. I realized quickly we had little display space on the walls so our upstairs hallway has now become our theme display walls! (Hey when you don't have a real classroom you have to get creative!)

Here is a preview of some of our upcoming activities for our Ocean & Beach Theme Summer Unit!

At the beach today, I gave both of the boys buckets and we went on a shell hunt
As we picked them up we talked about how some were shiny, some were curvy, some were broken, etc. The boys came home with a huge bag full of shells! 

We washed the sand off our shells in the tub
(the sandollars and larger shells were shells we found on previous beach trips)

I am going to use these shells for working on sorting skills and eventually 
vocabulary words for the common shells you can find at our beach.
I am going to use Montessori 3 part cards to teach the types of shells.
And of course we will  have to make a seashell sensory box soon!

Our Reading Rug

The beginnings of our Ocean & Beach Word Wall. 

Ocean Theme printables from Ingles 360
See my blog post here on these awesome resources from Ana!


  1. Loved the plan for your ocean/beach unit and featured it at my blog, Preschool Lesson Plans! Was sure to give idea/photo credit, as well as a link, but would love for you to look it over and, if there are any problems, I'll be certain to take the feature down!

    Thanks so much,
    Kayla Johnson

  2. Hi Stephanie.

    Thanks for following my blog. I love yours! I will be back regularly for inspiration! In addition to homeschooling my son, I am also a tutor specializing in reading. You have lots of great ideas and info.



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