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Saturday, February 9, 2019

Becoming An Online ESL Teacher with VIPKID

I started teaching ESL (English as a Second Language) online with VIPKID in August of 2017.

Here's what I LOVE about my new "job"...

~ I teach 25 minute classes online, to children in China. Each lesson is part of the VIPKID curriculum, which means no more lesson planning!

~ I am paid $18-20/hr (depending on the total number of classes I teach each month) All VIPKID teachers earn $16-$22/hr)
~ I get to choose my own hours. They can be the same every day...or different. It doesn't matter! If I want to take days off, I simply do not schedule any classes on those days.

~ Beijing (BJT) is 13 hours ahead of EST, so the available teaching hours in EST are
7:30 pm to 9 am (After Daylight Savings Time starts in the spring, the hours will be
8:30 pm to 10 am)

~ All teachers must have a Bachelor's degree (in any field of study) and at least one year of teaching experience or working with children. Homeschooling counts too!

Click here for the VIPKID website

For several years, I was a teacher for my own little preschool at home with my children, and when my youngest child started kindergarten, I found a job as a “real” preschool teacher.
The hours were perfect and it allowed me to work during their school hours. It gave me a chance
to use the skills, tools, and resources I developed along my journey since beginning this blog in 2010.

I continued working as a preschool teacher for almost three years. The first summer I had off
with the kids, and the second summer I worked while they attended summer camp at the
preschool I was teaching at. As you can imagine, my kiddos were not very thrilled about
spending their summer there.

Over time, my love for teaching diminished until I finally decided teaching was just another “job”
with very little rewards. I was exhausted and frustrated most days. My entire day was spent either
taking care of my own kids or being surrounded by a dozen preschoolers. I was miserable.
But hey, I was still making an income, right?

Fast forward to 2019. I am still a teacher. But, I can wear my pajama pants to school,
and i don’t have to drive anywhere! I have no set hours or days. I make my own schedule that fits
perfectly around
my life as a wife, daughter, sister, and mother.

I've expanded my preschool at home to include over 700  children between the ages of 5-12 from China.
And I teach from my own home.

I absolutely LOVE my job. I never would have thought in a million years I would find a career that actually
made me HAPPY. It was never on my horizon to be an ESL teacher. I have fallen in love with all of the
children I teach. I have learned so much about their culture, and it has opened my own children’s
eyes to realize just how big our world really is. My youngest will start Chinese lessons with
Lingo Bus (VIPKID’s partner company) this week.

Being an online English teacher has been the best experience of my life.
Since beginning in 2017, I have taught almost 1,500 classes with VIPKID.
All of my classes are 1-on-1, and the lessons are already laid out for you in a powerpoint-style platform.
I work as many...or as few... hours as I want. If you would like more info about this opportunity,
please click on the link below. You can message me or send me an email for more details.  

I am so excited to get back to blogging about my journey. I have so many ideas and resources I want to share with you all! While many of my posts will be related to ESL classes, the material and ideas will still be perfect to use with your own students or children under the age of 12.


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